Chalets, Scaffold Flooring, Skyboxes, and Ancillary Structures

At TentLogix, we do more than just supply high-end Clear Span structures, frame tents and accessories; we also provide flooring solutions, HVAC, power supply, and temporary restroom facilities. In addition, our courteous, safety-driven installation experts are here to ensure that your sporting or live event installation is delivered on-time and to exacting standards.

Our experts possess extensive experience in providing chalets, scaffold flooring, skyboxes, and ancillary structures for professional golf tournaments and other sporting and live events and have increased the number of sporting and live events we install threefold in a period of three years. The quality of our equipment, and our strict attention to detail and safety standards illustrate our unequaled commitment to quality, growth, and innovation.

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    Extensive Quality Control & Expert Installers

    Our quality control measures ensure that each project we deliver lives up to our high standards and conforms perfectly to our clients’ needs and expectations. Each job goes through a series of reviews by management as well as two quality control processes before delivery or installation.

    We take safety measures seriously and strictly follow occupation, safety, and health administration rules, and our installation team receives extensive product and safety training to ensure that sporting and live events remain as safe as possible.

    Our temporary structures accommodate crowds large and small, while ensuring that security and privacy are adequately enhanced where required. Our tent solution for sporting and live events provide attendees with a true VIP experience, and athletes/performers with comfortable and adequate spaces.

    With TentLogix, your tent rental needs for sporting and live events are well covered. We will strive to ensure that your event sets the standard for those in your industry.

    In 2015, TentLogix tripled the number of professional golf tournaments we supported – from 3 tournaments to 14 in one year. Here are a few reasons why…

    • TentLogix has committed to quality, growth and innovation by spending $6 million on new and custom inventory over the last 3 years.
    • In 2016 – 100% of 14 Golf Tournaments were installed on time, while providing an upgraded product line within tournament budget.
    • Each job goes through 4 formal reviews by management and 2 quality control processes before delivery or installation.
    • We maintain $20 million worth of umbrella coverage – four times the industry requirement.