An event can be defined as a gathering for purposes of celebration, marketing, education, or any other common interest. Events are classified based on type, size, or context. 

An event planner is an indispensable asset when holding any kind of event to reduce stress and ensure its success. A professional event planner is well trained and experienced to handle all aspects of an event including budgeting, procurement, venue selection, and every other detail.

There are two major types of events –corporate events and social events. A corporate event is any form of activity organized by business entities for their employees, clients, stakeholders, or public.  Corporate events may be for large audiences such as conferences, all the way to smaller events such as office parties.

The following are some of the types of corporate events:


A conference may be defined as a large gathering of people or members of a particular organization to discuss matters of common concern such as business, academic, or medical issues. A conference is formal in nature and sometimes may last a number of days.  A conference is held in spacious halls with amenities.


A seminar is generally understood as a gathering where attendees discuss a stated topic or are given information or training on a particular topic. Seminars are usually held in office conference rooms, hotel meeting spaces, or academic institutions. Often, seminars will be less formally structured than conferences and they tend to be very interactive in nature.


A workshop is an interactive meeting for discussion and practical work on a stated subject. Workshops are usually smaller than conferences and may be held for a day or two. They may be less structured than conferences but more formal than seminars. This type of event is very interactive with attendees carrying out a number of training activities rather than listening to lectures from speakers. Workshops may be more diverse in terms of attendees.

Trade shows

A trade show is an exhibition event held to display and demonstrate their products or services to customers and potential customers. They are common in the business world and serve as a lead generation activity or reinforcement of brand image. Trade shows are usually held on an annual or semi-annual basis.

The success of a corporate event is based on the abilities of the event planner hired to plan the event.  A good event planner will be equipped with top-notch organizational skills, creativity, attention-to-detail, and impeccable communication skills that will transform a simple idea into a spectacular event.

Social Events

Social events are another category of events that can be defined as gatherings where people come together to socialize or for personal interests. Social events may involve public performance, entertainment, and catering. Examples of social events include weddings, baby showers, reunions, parties, and galas.

Hiring a professional social event planner will take the stress out of your upcoming social event and give you peace of mind. A professional event planner will handle all aspects of your event to ensure it becomes a huge success.