A party planner helps clients organize and orchestrate parties and social events of all types and sizes. Everything from product launches to weddings, social gatherings, award dinners, and corporate seminars. It’s a party planner’s job to ensure everything runs smoothly from idea conception to cleanup. A party planner coordinates every aspect, ensuring any problems are handled appropriately.

If you’re passionate about party planning and you have impeccable organizational skills, you might want to consider a career in party planning. The party planning business doesn’t require much investment to get started. In this article, we’ll provide you with a simple guide on how to start party planning.

Figure Out Which Parties You Want to Plan

Party planning entails many types of parties; hence, you may want to narrow down and specialize in a few niches. Like other professions, specializing really helps. It’s important that you choose a niche that you enjoy the most. Some parties may require that you have certifications to be able to win clients’ trust. Therefore, you may want to get a college degree in a related field. Alternatively, you can enroll for a certificate program in an accredited party planning institution.

Register Your Business

Find a catchy name for your business and register your business if necessary. You may need to work with an attorney so that you don’t violate local and state laws.

Develop a Business Plan

A solid business plan is essential for the success of your party planning business. It will help you establish the specifics of the niche you plan to venture into and discover untapped opportunities. Conduct a comprehensive market analysis to discover the size of your potential market. Establish who your competitors are as well as the rates you’ll charge for your party planning services. Include a financial analysis to find out the initial capital you’ll need to invest in the business and the amount of income to target.  

Set Up Your Office

Even though you’re starting out, you’ll need some space where you’ll meet clients and do your party planning activities. Set up a simple office with basic stuff like a computer, printer, furniture, and planner with calendar.

Promote Your Party Planning Business

The easiest and cost-effective way to market your party planning business to potential clients is to start a website and a social media campaign whereby you’ll share your portfolio and charges. Upload photos of previous events you’ve planned and request for reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients. Consider advertising in local media if you have adequate budget and hand out printed material to the locals. You can also attend local business events and trade shows, and give out your business cards to the attendees. Besides, it will be in your best interest to network with event planners in your area for client referrals.


Offer to plan a few events for local organizations, such as school functions and church events. This will help you build a portfolio and give you good exposure and strategic advertising for your party planning business.

Starting a party planning business is not easy, but it’s definitely possible. Party planning is a rewarding career if you get the basics right.