From elegant backyard weddings to sprawling PGA™ Championship installations, our experts define the cutting edge of event tenting solutions.

We were not only one of the first companies to introduce the European Arcum structure to the North American market in 2009. We’ve also pioneered awe-inspiring advancements in custom tent fabrication for world-renowned art festivals and some of today’s largest corporate tradeshows.

When it comes to exceptional tenting applications, you can always count on TentLogix, a world-wide leader in advanced tent rental solutions. Click below for more information on each structure.

Arcum Structures

Through our focus on continuing to provide new and innovative tenting products to our customers, TentLogix is proud to be one of the first companies to introduce the Arcum Structure to the North American market in 2009.


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Arcum Double Decker

The Arcum Double-Decker is a revolutionary structure that is new to the North American market and features an innovative curved beam design which creates an elegant arched roof with patio overhangs on each side of the structure.


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European Clearspan Structures

European ClearSpan Structures are fully engineered to create an expansive and secure, yet inviting atmosphere suitable for any short or long-term tenting applications.


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Mega Clearspan Structures

With completely unobstructed interior space up to 164 feet in width and unlimited in length, Mega Clear Span Structures by TentLogix provide an unparalleled tenting solution for events of unlimited scale.


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Clear Tent Structures

Clear Tent Structures from TentLogix provide unequaled elegance in tenting for any upscale event. TentLogix has been an industry leader in clear tenting solutions since 1996.


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Century Tent Stuctures

The true fabric architecture of the Century® Tent and its gracefully sculptured contours provide smooth, flowing, and seemingly endless inner space and towering ceilings while showcasing futuristic curves and elegant twin-peaks on the outside.


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Keder Frame Structures

Kedered Frame Structures are one of the most versatile structures on the market, able to be easily weighted and installed on grass, asphalt, rock, and concrete surfaces.


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High Peak Frame Tents

Ideal for entrance tents, walkways, or a porte-cochere, high peak frame tents present an elegant tenting solution with no interior support poles, and are available in 10’x 10′, 15’x15′, and 20’x 20′ sizes.


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Traditional Pole Tents

Pole tents provide an affordable, more traditional option for smaller scale tent events. Their vast interior white space requires minimal décor and provides an excellent medium for lighting.


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Marquee Tents

Marquee tents make excellent formal entrance walkways into larger tents, connect a tent with a permanent structure, or cover an existing walkway.


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With the aid of our experienced and knowledgeable tent specialists you can rest assured your tent will be the perfect size for your yard.

We can also adjust the leg height so the tent becomes an extension of your porch, patio or home, connected by a temporary rain gutter, keeping everyone dry.

Flooring & Interiors

Create your setting with high-gloss wood, mahogany wood or carpeted flooring accompanied by tent accessories such as clear, white or cathedral window sidewalls, pillowed tent and leg liners, air conditioning, heating and/or fans, chandeliers, decor lighting and french doors.

We can customize your tent to create and enhance the ambiance to impress your guests.

Kitchen Tents

Worried about your kitchen? Don’t be! Let the experts at TentLogix build a fully-equipped kitchen tent on site, complete with ovens, stoves, grills, fryers and more.