European Clear Span Structures are fully engineered to create an expansive and secure, yet inviting atmosphere suitable for any short or long-term tenting applications.

With completely unobstructed interior space up to 164 feet in width and unlimited length, TentLogix’s European Clear Span Structures provide an unparalleled tenting solution for events of unlimited scale.

Seamless roof panels, integrated frame systems, advanced glass wall and hard wall systems and 11 foot to 13 foot high leg supports create an elegant atmosphere with a fit and finish that rivals all other tent structures.

European Clear Span Structures fuse function and aesthetics for a truly unique environment that can be customized with accessories, lighting and d├ęcor to whatever your tastes may be.

When it comes to world-class tenting applications you can always count on European Clear Span Structures from TentLogix, a world-wide leader in clear span structure rentals.


Structure Highlights

  • Unobstructed interior and perimeter space.
  • Available in widths up to 50 meters (164 feet).
  • Engineered structures feature anodized four channel box beam aluminum frame and galvanized steelconnection pieces for added strength.
  • Integrated sliding wall systems, seamless roof tensioning and technically superior fabric design.
  • Standard eave heights of 11 or 13 feet with optional glass walls and door, PVC, or coated vinyl sidewalls.