Engineered flooring system are great for the uneven location, built to hold a lot of weight, and can be covered with Carpet, Astro Turf, composite systems, these system also can be used for stages, walkways and Bridges, and more.


Strata Flooring

STRATA® Event Staging is the perfect solution for creating a flat surface over seating or other uneven surfaces. It’s offered with a durable, non-slip, weather-resistant surface and a unique system that sets up quickly. Leveled or laydown, it can be used anywhere from a theatre to a flat parking lot to a hillside — even over a pool.


Bil-Jax Flooring

Ideal for indoor or outdoor applications, Bil-Jax is a portable, rugged yet attractive staging system that is extremely versatile and easy to assemble. It features a support leg system that is adjustable in 1″ increments, with an infinite final adjustment to accommodate any type of terrain or unlevel surface. Stage heights from 6″ to 8′ or more are attainable with this system.