Composite Flooring systems are one the many systems that TentLogix uses. Composites are non skid and can be laid down on sub floor structure, or straight on to the ground.

Ultra-Deck Modular

Ultra-Deck is a modular medium-duty natural turf protection system. It is designed to offer a greater level of protection, rigidity, and weight loading capability. This product is ideal for applications where equipment, light vehicles, pneumatic tire forklifts and generally more traffic is expected.

SupaTrac Modular

Supa-Trac is a portable floor used extensively in events and military applications worldwide. The surface is safe and attractive and provides outstanding turf protection. Supa-Trac is very versatile. It can be used as tent flooring, walkways, patios, pet areas, outside displays, athletic field coverings.



SupaTrac Flooring eBrochure