Dear Team,

I cannot express how proud I am of the amazing team effort on everyone’s behalf to accomplish the 2nd quarter of 2018.

Whether you were in operations working on getting orders out the door, getting staff, vehicles, and heavy equipment assigned to each project, getting schedules out to the employees, working through future projects’ equipment needs and  details, tracking the current status of job construction or dismantle progress, making sure all of the equipment was getting processed before going out, working with new hires to integrate into the daily workflow, and leading or supporting the builds going on each day in the field; or whether you were in sales or crew leadership working through the builds with the team on site, communicating with everyone on what the expectations are for the build, dealing with the many different levels of competency and personalities of the team on site, monitoring daily tasks, running to the hardware stores, assisting with labor organization and direction, jumping in on the build, getting the subcontracted work crews to perform, servicing the customers to achieve their expectations, grinding late into the night to see to it that the projects got completed, returning the next day to finish jobs that were not completed on time, continuing to reassure the customers that we will get it done, pushing forward to attain future business, and most importantly being on site to ensure proper installation and finishing work to meet the customers’ and TentLogix’ standards, these daily challenges have shaped the foundation for our continued and future success.  I appreciate all of your hard work and thank you for your commitment.  I hope you feel a sense of accomplishment and pride.

The sales/project managers, crew leaders, department supervisors, and managers are on the front lines, and I know some days it feels like a continuous uphill climb with pressure from every direction.  Thank you for staying positive and leading through encouragement, organized direction, and guidance to properly complete each project.  I understand there were times of frustrations, exhaustion, and concern.  Believe me, there were days when I would have liked to crawl in a hole rather then face the challenges of tomorrow, but that is not us.  It never has been us.  It never has been our M.O., and it is why we are TentLogix.  We face our challenges head on with the motto that failure is not an option.  We dig deep during our most challenging times and push through to completion and success.  This can never change.  We cannot lose the drive to succeed.  We must remain positive and always find a solution.  Although I was not able to be there with you on every project, please know that I am continuously checking in, wanting to know status/progress on builds, cheering for everyone, and truly proud of each of you.  Your drive and commitment has been paramount to pushing us through.

Through my 14 years with TentLogix I remember many challenges that we overcame each and every day to make sure each project was completed successfully.  I remember how each project that we completed taught us more about ourselves and in our abilities to gain the confidence to complete the next project in front of us.  We learned how to do what we do through doing it.  We learned from our mistakes and came back stronger the next time – whether in the field, in the warehouse, or in the sales process.  The same is true today in many ways, but it is different in that we now have an amazing team of experienced management, supervisory, and support staff that will be fundamental in identifying the areas where we need to improve and then expediting the development of our systems, processes, and team to fill these gaps.  The key to this successful transition and development lies in each of us and in our abilities to remain committed to the team.

Since 3/29/18, we have processed over 440 orders to complete over 122 unique project builds.  This total is just orders going out the door or projects that have been constructed.  During this same timeframe, we have also dismantled 582 orders that were part of 137 unique projects coming down and rolling back into our facilities.  All of these projects have been completed.  I understand that not all of these projects were our best performance in getting them to completion, but we accomplished them.  And all of us should be proud of this accomplishment:  Over 1,022 orders making up over 259 unique projects!

In addition, HR added over 30 new employees to fill various positions through most areas of the warehouse as well as add some new employee support to our installation staff.  Our hiring efforts will continue in late August and early September, and we will make progress in adding to our team for the approaching season and work that lies ahead.    We are currently advertising, accepting applications, and interviewing job seekers with previous event rental related experience.  If you know of anyone interested, please have them contact Kim directly.

Over the course of the next 8 weeks, our volume and projects contract in July and August, and the focus will shift to training, warehouse organization, warehouse transitioning to Indiantown, and inventory preservation.  We will relentlessly train in various areas with a focus on competency throughout our crew leaders, junior crew leaders, field helpers, and warehouse departments with the goal of developing all employees to properly support the future projects and workflow of September, October, November, December and into 2019.  We have the equipment, space, materials, knowledge, staff, and team of committed and talented people to accomplish this, and this must remain our top priority.

In order to accomplish this, we need everyone’s help in releasing your inner drive to  succeed.  To show you care.  To say I can and I will.  To work with passion.  To not quit when faced with challenging situations.  To continue to develop into the leaders of this company.

I am excited for the next several months that lie ahead and for the opportunity to build upon our solid foundation that already exists.  I have confidence in and believe in our team, in each of you, in our owners, in our reputation, in our perseverance, and  in our commitment to continue to strive to be the best.  I look forward to continuing this journey with each of you and thank you all again for everything that you do each and every day to make this company a success. 


Dennis Birdsall

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Tent Jacks Can be Dangerous

Over the past year we have witnessed several incidents where poorly maintained or improperly used tent jacks have resulted in serious employee injuries.   Pre-inspecting the equipment and using the equipment properly could have prevented all of these injuries.  Let’s learn from our mistakes.  Here is a summary of past tent jack accidents.

Hand injuries caused by uncontrolled spinning of the ratchet handle.  The tent jack ratchet handles are designed to lock when the handle is released.  However, the locking devices are frequently damaged during continued use or abuse.  Unless you inspect the tent jack handle prior to use, don’t trust the locking device to work.  Maintain control of the handle until you are sure the handle is locked and is not going to spin backwards.  Tent jack handles spinning backwards have broken hand bones.

Old, poorly maintained straps and hooks can break.  Jury-rigging “temporary” replacement straps or hooks just make the matter worse.  On a recent job a frame tent came down when a “replacement” strap broke under the pressure of the tent’s weight.  The metal corner of the tent hit the employee on the hard hat knocking him down and then hit him on the chest.  The employee escaped major injury as his hard hat took the brunt of the force but this accident could have had much more serious consequences.

Forklift Licensing Procedures

Congratulations to Isaias Macedo and Hans Breiland for recently completing the three-day Forklift Operator Training Course at the Crane Institute of America in Sanford, FL.

By OSHA regulations private companies have the authority to train and certify forklift operators. For TentLogix employees forklift certification is a three-step process.

  1. Watch two online forklift safety videos.
  2. Take and pass a written test.
  3. Take operator training with Isaias or Hans and then pass a practical application skills test. 

Those with previous forklift operating experience can skip the operator training and advance directly to the practical application skills test.  However, all personnel must still watch the safety videos and pass the written test.

Based on skill testing, licenses are endorsed for basic shop lifts, rough terrain reach lift and Moffett lift operation.  Licenses are good for three years after which re-fresher training is required.