Instruction below are for the initial lighting of the pilot light on TentLogix’s Convection Oven. These steps must be followed before the oven can be used.

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Step 1.

Plug the unit in. The convection oven must be the only appliance plugged into it’s outlet. Otherwise, it might not draw enough power to operate. Additionally – when using an extension cord – make sure it is a heavy gauge 15AMP extension cord.

Step 2.

Open the accompanying propane tank by turning the knob counter-clockwise.


Step 3.

Turn the convection oven on.



Step 4.

Set the oven temperature.


Manual Lighting

If the pilot does not light – proceed with the following steps to light it manually, using a shotgun-style lighter.

Step 1.

Locate the round pilot light hole on the bottom of the unit.


Step 2.

Insert the end of your lighter into the pilot light hole, and light.



Video Tutorial