Instruction below are for the initial lighting of the pilot light on TentLogix’s 6-Burner Oven. These steps must be followed before the oven can be used.

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Step 1.

Locate and remove the bottom front-facing panel from the unit and locate the two red ignition buttons.



Step 2.

Open the accompanying propane tank by turning the knob counter-clockwise.


Step 3.

Press and hold the large red ignition button for a full 30-40 seconds. Then, without releasing the large button – press the small red igniter button.


The most common issue people have with lighting the pilot is not pressing and HOLDING the large red button for the full 30-40 seconds. This is necessary as it allows enough propane to fill the line so that the pilot can be lit.



Continue holding the large red button as you press the small red button.

Manual Lighting

If the pilot does not light after a few tries – proceed with the following steps to light it manually, using a shotgun-style lighter.


Step 1.

Locate the round pilot light hole on the bottom panel.


Once lit, the pilot light flame will be clearly visible through this opening.

Step 2.

While pressing and holding the large red ignition button, insert the end of your lighter into the pilot light hole.



Video Tutorial